Mental Health, what is that?
How do we support that? Do you take time to support this along with your healthy body and diet?
I think its one of the things that gets so easily missed. We are so great at supporting the inside and outside but something is missing still. Nurturing our mind is just as important. Our souls and hearts need our love and it is just as important to make time for this in your weekly routines. 
What is anxiety and stress? 
  • Stress and anxiety are not always bad. In fact, they are important human emotions, which can have a positive impact on our lives by enhancing performance and cognitive functioning…” – Dr. Tim Sharp (Dr. Happy)

  • “Normal stress or anxiety becomes abnormal when it begins to impact daily functioning (social, occupational or educational); becomes invasive and pervasive; continues for prolonged periods (such as weeks rather than just a bad day or two); and if it’s accompanied by significant changes in mood or behaviour” – Dr. Tim Sharp (Dr Happy)
Just the last few weeks Ive felt my self slip, and it has caught up with me. But how could that be, someone like me who lives a pretty amazing life and eats extremely well and makes time for moving her body most days. Well It did get me, and its due to emotional stress and many other factors. We are human and we aren’t always going to be feeling amazing 100% of the time. I have just recently started working with my own personal life coach which is helping but am battling the body symptoms now too – tiredness and anxiety.

What can you do to help your mental health?

REST: This is key and something I definitely found hard to get my head around at first, because you think I just have to keep moving. But anxiety can deplete your energy, adrenals and nervous system very quickly. We must allow enough sleep for our bodies to rest and recover. Slowing down is a very powerful way to prevent anxiety and panic attacks.

BREATHE: Seems obvious, but think about the last time you were anxious, nervous or in a panic. Its hard to focus on breathing in that state. But coming back to our heart space and breathing helps us to stop running away with our thoughts. Which often sends triggers of stress, worry and anxiety. It creates presence. And when we are holding on to the past or worrying about the future we are not present and we are causing all sorts of emotions. Slowing the breath down helps us to signal the body that we aren’t in danger and that we don’t need to be in that fight or flight response. We are safe.

MEDITATE: Just like breathing this can be a great tool to bring you back to the present and connect with your heart space. To help you slow down and come back to your truth.

TALK TO SOMEONE: Someone you trust, share how you are feeling or seek a professional. I am currently working with an amazing life coach but you can speak to a counsellor or someone who can help you work through your worries and fears rationally. They can help us make sense of things and it also helps us to know we aren’t alone and have the support and love we need.

FEEL YOUR FEELINGS: If you want to scream then scream, cry, have a tantrum. Do what ever you need to express what you’re feeling. Journalling can really help you to get things out of your head and on to paper as well.

GRATITUDE + AFFIRMATIONS: You can’t be worried/anxious and grateful at the same time! Its actually not possible. Try writing down what you’re grateful for and repeat positive affirmations that really affirm to you truth. 
MOVE YOUR BODY: Get the blood pumping, move that body. It can help with excess energy or adrenaline and help shift the energy in your body. As they say emotions is just energy in motion.

GET OUSIDE + EARTH YOURSELF: Spend time in Mother Nature. Fresh Air is magic! And get those bare feet in the earth. Feel the ground, soil and grass between your toes this can really help centre you again. I also love to head down to the ocean and stand in the water for 5-10mins. The ocean can really help us to find balance again.

ESSENTIAL OILS: These have real