The universe is playful and love is stubborn, it doesnt come to you when you are looking for it, nor does it seem to come to you when you are ready for it.. it comes when you least expect it.

And when all these things collide it is that person who becomes our lessons or maybe even better yet becomes that of your dreams, ‘the one’.


how does one know if a person is ‘the one’ anyway?


We have all been hurt before – its written all over us, the scars on your skin tell stories of trials and tribulations. We have tried and failed. We have put our heart out there and its been destroyed time and time again. You have fallen but you have also risen again.


Sometimes we have become so preoccupied by the little things that we fail to see the things that really matter in life, we tend to over look the tiniest of gestures, we are too focused on the fact that love needs to be like fairy tale right form the start.


Some days I ask myself is this actually real life? Am I really one of the lucky ones?

I almost didnt believe that this kind of love existed in the world, before you. I had been hurt way too many times and started to believe ‘love’ was overrated. But life and the universe think theyre funny by playing tricks on us, sending fate slamming into us, out of no where the man of your dreams appears. I knew from the moment I saw you that day that my life would never be the same again.


The man you grew into, of which felt like a life time, was someone I could not have perfectly, so divinely created even if i had tried, you are literally everything a girl could ask for, hope for.


One of whom would only live in ones fantasy, Some would say to have all your qualities in one man would not be real life, only a great imagination could create what you are, what you have become. A man with depth and complexity, not only do you give me surface, but you give my soul meaning. A best friend, a lover, a parter, a team, someone to share inside jokes with, someone who lifts me up when I’m down, pushes me, stretches me to grow, better still puts me back in place when i become ridiculously stubborn.


You are the kind of energy that continues to take me to expeditions of endless exploring and continuous adventures.

You push me to aim higher, to dream bigger, to be more than I am. You accept all that I am, the uniqueness and the wondrous darkness of my soul. You inspire me to achieve and accomplish all that my heart desires in both business and pleasure. You have faith in my capabilities, you encourage me, believe and allow that I can be the best version of myself. You give me experiences that motivate me to be stronger, wiser and to step out of my comfort zone.


You look like summer and taste like spring.
You are nothing I have experienced before. You validate why nothing ever felt as right before.
You literally walked into my life and filled a void I didnt realise was present.
Your gaze at me, reminds me of my beauty and strength.
Your touch reminds me of my courage and softness.
Your kisses take over my being and show me the true feeling of love, passion and desire.
You cease my madness and provide me with unlimited happiness
You understand my silence and celebrate my accomplishments.

You calm my storms and allow me to dance in the rain.


Before you, before us, neither of us really knew what love meant or what we were actually looking for, but now in finding you – you give my past, present and future meaning. You have healed my wounded heart and made me believe in love again. The patience you taught me and the faith you gave me, thank you
Looking for direction, I stumbled on perfection..