With every level there is a new devil. 

Confidence isn’t what leads to success, its successful behaviour that creates confidence. 

Have you noticed, When you decide to level up and play bigger, your life becomes very difficult for a small amount of time. You may have nailed your times tables, but now you’re suddenly in a calculus class and feeling a little disoriented. All of a sudden that confidence you were wearing so well, is almost non exist. And I can now guess that you’re wondering whether you even wanna do this whole maths thing.. aka whatever it is that you’re on a mission to achieve. 

Despite thinking you had almost made it, you now feel like your foundations are made from sand. 

But babe, your life isn’t really falling apart. It’s better now than it’s ever been before. What you’re living out is something you once wished that you had. You’re playing at a much bigger game and a more powerful level than ever before. 

You’re just adjusting to what that means and looks like. 

If you stay in the trenches, You’ll rise up. Promise! 

Its during these moments though that you must remain true to yourself, your mission and your deep desire for creating more success in your life and business. Surrender, then surrender some more. 

Trust in where you’re at being the next big step. 

Most importantly, BABE, listen… enjoy the journey.. as it really is about who you become within each new level. 

And incase you were needing to hear it tonight, You’re on to some thing great right now! DO NOT QUIT. 

Ready to level up in your business and need someone to guide you and keep you accountable so you stop throwing the towel in and stay where you are now for another 12 months… then lets chat!