You assume a lot of things about me, when you dont work from home, I’m the one who gets to roll out of bed and into her office in her pjs, wait my life is like a summer holiday right.
And Im sure if you asked my partner he would suggest that I shop, have coffee catch ups and brunch dates everyday, pretty much a permanent weekend right?!
If Im honest, it is kinda like that, well sorta. I remember the first few weeks when i started to fully work from home. It was like going to bed and waking up on christmas morning, every morning. I now worked for the best boss in the world, ME!
While I can admit that the transition was easier than filling up an entire shopping cart at Kmart in ten minutes flat, there were a lot of things that no one ever prepared me for. It would have been great to have a book for dummies for those who are transitioning into the full-time, work form home entrepreneurs. 
The first few days were filled with lots of workouts, scrolling social media, coffee dates with my mum and friends who also worked for themselves. 
I was filled with so much happiness and freedom that I hadn’t fully had time to think about what this new life would actually look like. 
So im here to share with you what it really is like to be your own boss:
Your world : Population One. 
You imagine bottles of champagne, jet setting, hanging with celebrities and all your friends and co-workers whenever anything awesome happens but the truth is you are now the only invite to the company party.
Get used to celebrating with a mini little 1 min happy dance and crying through failures on the floor with a glass of wine at 2pm on a Tuesday. 
You learn to talk to anything
Your pets, apples, oranges, the next door neighbour, the post man. 
Suddenly you are a kid again, making friends with invisible friends and treating your dogs like the guy from HR. Any interaction outside of your own existence becomes exciting, because goodbye are the days of eating lunch with your work friends. 
You’ll probably gain weight
In my case I went from being on the gym floor full time to seeing clients in a clinic to sitting around in my shorts and a sedentary lifestyle of recipe creating all day (which you must taste all at once). For you it may be that you no longer run around the office in your high heels anymore.
What exactly do you do?
This becomes the hardest question to ever answer outside of Nutritional Biochemistry that Ive ever been asked. It used to be so easy to answer, but suddenly you are now trying to explain and defend your career to the mail man you have befriended. You have learnt to speak in paragraphs, not sentences in order to explain what the heck your dreams are and what you do all day everyday. 
You quit the real world job so you could work less