Well unless you’ve been asleep for the past few months im going to assume you know about our old mate Corona Aka COVID-19. In such a short time this virus has had a massive impact on the world – closing borders, quarantining countries, sending the stock markets gaga and leaving people like you guys everything but certain! 

What a crazy time to be alive.. I’m sure I heard someone say many years ago, the world will not be what we know it at one point.. maybe that’s just it, this is what’s happening.. we are changing for the better.. well I want to believe so – so my fingers and toes are crossed 

I won’t lie a few weeks ago I wasn’t so concerned and I thought whatever this isn’t going to affect me directly, my life and I was in a little bit of denial. Which isn’t the best place to be – but we cant downplay the situation. 

And I feel like we also need to be a little more educated and make empowered decisions around this, just because you may not be feeling directly affected by this right now, doesn’t mean that people around you and businesses are being impacted by it. 

So we need to remember to be compassionate for those who are scared and worried more than you are at the moment, dont play into the fear but be aware of what’s going on and your behaviour in times of chaos. Dont make others feel wrong, just let people have their experiences – just listen. These people just need to be heard sometimes.. have compassion! I think we just need to remember to practice kindness. And see if people need our love and support. 

Cause remember if youre a coach or just someone who’s steady in times of chaos then people are going to want to lean into you and this is where you need to step into the leader role. 

More than ever before does the world need leaders, someone they can look to for support, for trust

As I always say – leadership takes great courage and having it in the face of uncertainty is definitely easier said than done. Id be lying if I said I hadn’t had a moment of worry through the last few weeks. 

I mean our trip to Hawaii got cancelled today, we were meant to leave second week of April. 

But here’s the thing, no one truly knows whats coming in the next 24 hours let alone few days and weeks or even months.

As a business babe we cant afford to stand still… but what if people have stopped buying or they’re not interested in what you’ve got to sell them – then stop selling!!! Really bec??

But wait, you want me to stop trying to make money? 

I know that may seem like a strange concept but here’s the thing.. people are so uncertain right now in every form… so what do uncertain people do they dont spend money unless its on a tone of toilet paper and frozen pizzas!!  Insert rolled eyes haha 

So unless your working along quilting or lenis you may want to listen up..

This is the time where you want to focus on nurturing your audience!!! 

Like I always teach you guys – LIKE, KNOW & TRUST

Now more than ever do you want to work on connecting, gaining followers and community..  because just like anything, this too shall pass. Things will eventually pick back up and you will be well prepared with raving fans! 

Work on sharing why you do what you do, share what you value, share why you are here to serve and make a difference, share tips, hacks, tricks, free advice and strategies to help your potential clients and customers to solve their greatest problems!! 

This is how you create raving fans that are ready to buy from you when things improve! 

We have to show up more than ever as leaders, be of service and rise with compassion and empathy. 

This is the thing with business babe, it will always be a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and struggles and wins.. and sometimes like right now you cant have planned for it! Things are sometimes out of your control. 

But again this is why you have things in place as best as you can..

So its not all doom and gloom – just continue to show up with consistency and ask your self every day how can I serve? 

What can I share today with my audience that will help empower them, inspire them, educate them and guide them through these crappy times! 

While at times it can feel a little cray cray right now and like the entire world is shaking, search for stability amongst the chaos. 

Because its the challenging times that make leadership and being an entrepreneur all the worthwhile! Focus on why you do what you do, why youre here and how as a coach you have a job to do right now! 

To coach your audience through uncertainty. 

We actually all need to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable. With living with maybe! 

I think those who do show up with wisdom, courage and determination through this time have a sense of understanding that every situation holds both positive and negative, it also may hold challenges whilst it carries within it the opportunities! 

So ask yourself, what can you create right now, how can your product or services innovate to accommodate what’s going on in the world around you now. 

The English proverb says, “necessity is the mother of invention.”

And how true that is – When faced with difficult situations, we are more likely to create innovative solutions, if we can learn to live with uncertainty, find some stable ground in the middle of the chaos, and accept life’s paradoxes.

So today, this week, the next few babe this time requires you to maintain courage, to accept the uncertainty and unknown and show up anyways. 

With your why in your pocket and with a smart head on your shoulders. 

Believe truly that this current situation that’s our daily life will eventually change. It must. It’s just how life works. 

So commit to showing up daily on your socials and serving, commit to making time for you in a positive way – read, listen to podcasts like mine, invest in your growth right now! 

A note on the media and my view around some health habits before we wrap up – please don’t get yourself caught up in the hype of every update! But some good places for being informed by real facts resources like CDC and world health organisation are places to visit. 

With holistic health and wellness and having studied nutrition for many years I have an overall understanding of things..

Right now Im focussing on making sure that I get in enough whole foods and nutrients like Camu Camu for vitamin c, I take juice plus religiously, let me know if you want any of this and im making sure that im getting enough rest and being super clean every chance I get when im out and about. 

Wash your hands and keep them away from your face. 

Keep practicing mindfulness – mediations, yoga and any other forms of stress reducing activities to help you stay calm and reduce anxiety. 

Anxiety, Fear and stressing about getting sick will only make things worse for yourself – when you have stress in your heart and in your mind your immune system gets weaker! The las