Lets get Visible

Lets get Visible


A 4 week self study program of content creation, photo editing and all things to help you get seen and paid

Discover who your dream client is and how to speak directly to them with copy and content that authentically sells.

Learn how to get your audience hanging on every word you say

Leave a legacy from doing what you’re passionate about

Be known, trusted and loved for what you do by your audience.

Take great photos and edit like a boss (using tools/apps)

Go from unknown to influential, making an impact everyday.

Own your story


You wanna help everyone! Because that feels like the right thing to do, but can I let you in on a secret – when you try to help everyone, you help nobody.

So you’re wanting to start your coaching business or you already have one but you haven’t fully stepped into your truth or started making much money yet because you are your own best kept secret! No one knows who you are and you’re not even sure who your ideal client is or how to speak to them. 

I work with incredible visionary women every week (health and wellness coaches, personal trainers, life coaches, network marketing babes and amazing leaders) who have a strong desire and message to change the world.   

Business babes who are not just doing this for the money but to create MASSIVE IMPACT!