Hey, wanna know how Biz + Social Hub was born?

Well let’s begin from the very beginning shall we…

have you ever felt frustrated, over whelmed or with zero clue where to even start in the online world?

You know that place, where there is an overwhelming amount of information…

You know you need to learn this and that stuff and all the other 10000’s of other things online to grow your brand and business, to increase sales, to continue to attract clients and customers, to grow your audience, to increase your presence!

It just always feels like there is so much to learn and when you think you’ve got it all figured out, along comes Instagram changing things up again!
It feels like there is more information than you actually have the time to learn it, yes?

It can be super exciting yet very overwhelming when you first start out online.
But you do the work, you commit to the late nights, you download all the free stuff…but you still cant seem to get the break you’re so badly looking for.

Because hey babe, I get it, you’re a woman on a mission to create change, to help people, to impact the world, to raise the standards.

You’re a creator, an entrepreneur, a boss babe, a mumprenuer, soloprener, wellpreneuer

Someone who wants to turn their passions into profits, someone who wants to spend their days doing what they love whilst helping others.

But whilst you want all this and know you need to invest in support, a coach or a mentor for accountability, but with having just started out on your journey you’re not exactly in a place financially to do so just yet, so wahhhhla, Hi, I’m Rebecca!

This is where I and Biz + Social Hub Membership come to the rescue.

I’m Rebecca Neale, if we haven’t met yet, I am your online bestie and I’m here to save the day!

I know that my work changes peoples lives, I know that my private clients who invest in working with me get incredible results and transformations in both their personal lives and businesses and now I too want to help you get the same results and the best part, I want to make it super affordable.

In case you didn’t notice yet I FREAKIN love what I do, I love to educate, I love to inspire and I love to empower women just like you to step into their greatness and share their message with the world.

I know that it can be challenging when starting out, trying to juggle the balance between investing in your business for growth and being smart with finances too…
so the Biz + Social Hub was created just for you!

A membership hub where you can gain all the business and social media marketing, branding tips and ticks to help you grow a successful business and go from #unknowntoinfluential in the online world.

I wanted my knowledge to be accessible, I wanted to take the endless hours and hours of research and learning away from you and do it for you (because lets be real, I do it already anyways) so now I’m just going to share and teach it to you.

Every week just like having a private coach (well somewhat) you’ll gain access to me and my expertise in the online space.

You will have access to weekly lessons (taught by mwah) and lesson action steps sent straight to your inbox to implement each week to build momentum and success. I mean who doesnt love results!

This was created because after having many chats with gorgeous women just like you who wanted more and were dying to work with me and couldn’t due to availability in my coaching business (I work with a very limited number of clients at any one time) and also not being able to afford to invest in the 6 month mentorship at this point in time.

I’m so excited to introduce you and WELCOME you to the greatest place in the online space, the place where I get to be your online bestie inside your business every week!

Join now today!