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I'm a business mentor to hundreds of women globally.personal branding coach and social media specialist. transformational life coach and speaker.holistic nutrition and health coach.qualified personal trainer and strength coach.

Hi, Im Rebecca Neale a Business Mentor and Social Media Marketing Educator.

With a huge passion and knowledge for digital media, content creation and social media combined with my love of health and nutrition plus my obsession with mindset and understanding human behaviour I knew I had to share my personal experience and learnings with women just like you so that they too could create an incredible life like I had, turning passions into profit.

How do I build a website? How do I create social media posts? How do I even do a live video online?

How do I build a brand that not only am I proud to call mine but that calls in and attracts my ideal clients?

How do I create a community of like minded women who can connect and work on their dreams together?

How do I transform my journey so far in life into a way that I can serve others?

How can I share all of the tools, resources and life skills Id acquired from my own learnings and businesses so that others could have success online too?

Well I did all of that and so much more, and now Im here to help you do the same.

I’m now a full time online coach, I’ve built a 6 figure business in the online space

The best part is that now I get to be there for you, the woman who is wanting the same, holding your hand, keeping you accountable to your dream business!

Ive been able to create the life I love and move closer to the life of my dreams and whilst Im doing this I now get to help others to create the life they want and desire for themselves

My job is to pull the greatness out of you, to help you connect to the truth of who you are so you can get out there and share your message and impact the world at the highest version of yourself. So that you can be here on this planet in this life time as the woman you were always born to be for you, for your family and for the clients who come before you. 

My job is to help you take your passions and turn it into a profit 

My job is to help you see the greatness within you that you are yet to believe is there 

My job is to guide you and hold your hand on the path to turning your manifestations into your reality 

My job is to help you to make a massive impact and to be of incredible service

My job is to help you take the necessary inspired action steps on a daily basis to help you reach the next level to help you serve in a bigger way and also transform your life in

I believe that you know who you really are

I believe that you know you’re here for more 

I believe that you know you’re not living to your highest and truest potential right now 

There is a story within you thats waiting to be played out, you’re not here by accident, your goals, your desires, your dreams, they are yours for the taking, first you must believe in you to make it true, then you must take the next step you know you need to take to start bringing them to form. 

I'm a business mentor to hundreds of women globally.personal branding coach and social media specialist.