Rebecca neale

It's more than an investment,
it's a ripple effect

Confident and sure, trusts herself

She knows her mission, stays in her own lane
She lives her life on purpose.
She is strong, humble and authentic
She knows she’s powerful

She doesnt play small, doesnt mindlessly gossip, get stuck in comparison. She takes full ownership on where she’s at and where she is going.

She shows up daily as the queen she knows that she is
She is worthy AF, as she works on designing a life on purpose.
She’s not phased by what others are doing, thinking or saying.

She is you, in the making! ​

Time to learn who you are, at the core of your true self.
Time to step into the powerful, successful woman that you see in your visions.
Time to own who you came here to be, to become self made.

Your life is full of infinite possibilities and opportunities.

What can you pass down, what can you teach others, who and how can you serve more? This is the power of the ripple effect.

She is self made.

I dont just create content, I give life to visions






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